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Eterna Spindle Assembly Hot  for T&S Brass - Part# 005960-40

Eterna Spindle Assembly Hot for T&S Brass - Part# 005960-40

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  • Eterna Spindle Assembly Hot for T&S Brass - Part# 005960-40
  • Fits T&S Brass Models: 5E-F-1D-WG, B-0113, B-0113-B, B-0113-BC, B-0113-C, B-0123, B-0123-B, B-0133, B-0133-B, B-0133-C, B-0173, B-0173-B, B-0177, B-0200, B-0200-LN, B-0201, B-0202, B-0205, B-0205-LN, B-0206, B-0207, B-0208, B-0210-LN, B-0220, B-0220-CC, B-0220-EE, B-0220-LN, B-0221, B-0221-CC, B-0221-EE, B-0221-KK, B-0222, B-0222-CC, B-0222-KK, B-0225, B-0225-CC, B-0225-LN, B-0226, B-0226-CC, B-0227, B-0227-CC, B-0228, B-0230, B-0230-BST, B-0230-CC, B-0230-EE, B-0230-LN, B-0231, B-0231-BST, B-0231-CC, B-0231-EE, B-0231-LN, B-0232, B-0232-BST, B-0232-CC, B-0232-EE, B-0235, B-0235-CC, B-0235-LN, B-0236, B-0240-LN, B-0265, B-0266, B-0300, B-0300-LN, B-0301, B-0305, B-0305-LN, B-0306, B-0315, B-0315-LN, B-0320, B-0320-LN, B-0325, B-0325-LN, B-0326, B-0330, B-0330-LN, B-0340, B-0340-LN, B-0342, B-0345, B-0346, B-0590, B-0592, B-0594, B-0605, B-0660-POL, B-0660-RGH, B-0665-BSTP, B-0665-BSTR, B-0665-RGH, B-0667-POL, B-0667-RGH, B-0674-BSTP, B-0674-BSTR, B-0674-RGH, B-0700, B-0702, B-0703, B-0704, B-0710, B-0715, B-0717, B-0840, B-0841, B-0870, B-0871, B-0871-VRS, B-0876, B-0877, B-1025, B-1035, B-1035-ST, B-1716-02, B-2271, B-2280, B-2283, B-2285-B, B-2294, B-2388, BL-4500-02, BL-5700-09, BL-5704-01, BL-5704-08, BL-5705-01, BL-5705-08, BL-5707-01, BL-5709-01, BL-5709-04, BL-5709-08, BL-5715-08, T&S Brass
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