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Rubber Boot for Cleveland - Part# SK50062

Rubber Boot for Cleveland - Part# SK50062

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  • Rubber Boot for Cleveland - Part# SK50062
  • Fits Cleveland Models: KEL, KEL-T, KEP, KET-12-T, KET-20-T, KET-3-T, KET-6-T, KGL, KGL-100, KGL-40, KGL-40-SH, KGL-40-T, KGL-40-TSH, KGL-60, KGL-60-SH, KGL-60-T, KGL-80, KGL-80-T, KGL-T, KGT-12-T, KGT-6-T, MKET-10-T, MKET-20-T, SEL, SEM, SET-10, SGL-X, SGM, SGM-X, SSE-L, SSE-T, TKET-12-T, TKET-3-T, TKET-6-T
  • Product Info: Rubber Boot (Hexseal), Toggle Switch Boot-Seals Around Bat, Has Hole for Bat to Come out, Cleveland, Kettle Series: Kel, Kep, Ket, KGM, Sse. Mixer Series: Mket. Skillet Series: Sel, Sem, Set, SGL, SGM.
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