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Knob 2 D, Pointer for Crescor - Part# 0595-061

Knob 2 D, Pointer for Crescor - Part# 0595-061

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  • Knob 2 D, Pointer for Crescor - Part# 0595-061
  • Fits Crescor Models: 1000CHAL, 1000CHAL3, 1000CHALSPLIT, 1000CHSS, 1000CHSS3, 1000CHSSSPLIT, CO151FWUA12B, CO151FWUA12B2081Q1, CO151FWUA12B2083Q1, CO151FWUA12B2401Q1, CO151FWUA12B2403Q1, CO151HWUA6B, CO151HWUA6B2081Q1, CO151HWUA6B2083Q1, CO151HWUA6B2401Q1, CO151HWUA6B2403Q1, CO151X185B, CO151XUA5B, CO151XWUA5B, CO151XWUA5B2081Q1, CO151XWUA5B2083Q1, CO151XWUA5B2401Q1, CO151XWUA5B2403Q1, H137SRRC2020C, H137SRRC2020C208, H137SRRC2020C240, H137WSRRC2020C, H137WSRRC2020C208, H137WSRRC2020C240, HCWH2020, HCWH2020208, HCWH2020240, RO151FW1332B, RO151FW1332B2081Q1, RO151FW1332B2083Q1, RO151FW1332B2401Q1, RO151FW1332B2403Q1, RO151FWUA18B, RO151FWUA18B2081Q1, RO151FWUA18B2083Q1, RO151FWUA18B2401Q1, RO151FWUA18B2403Q1
  • Product Info: Knob # 221106 ( 2" Dia ) ( Pointer) (Mount 1/4" Round), (Position )Set Screw Bottom, for Potentiometer, Timer, and Temp Controller. Bakers Pride Oven PX 14, 16, Blodgett Oven Series: CTB, CTBR, DFG, Mark V, Zephaire E and G With Solid State Controls. Cres-Cor Warmer CXC-4935, H-137-CDD-UA12HH, H-302- (126, 128), HT-20A, HT-2040, HU-12-1939- (2, 3), HU-18-671-34D. Series: 130, 131, H- (135, 138, 175, 186), H-339- (128, 188, 1813C, 188-3, 188-PT). Proofer Series: 120PH (Air or Water), Phu Power Units, Duke Convection Oven 613 (All Knobs) 6/13 Oven E Series, AHPO-6/18 Gold, AHPO-6/18 Gold Ce, EPO-3/9, Garland Model CBO-ED-11, CBO-ES-11, CPO-ED-12H, CPO-ED-22, CPO-ED-22H, CPO-ED-24H, CPO-ES-12H, MCO-E5, MCO-ES-ED-10,
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