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Pressure Control for Delfield - Part# 2193927

Pressure Control for Delfield - Part# 2193927

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  • Pressure Control for Delfield - Part# 2193927
  • Fits Delfield Models: 18648-BUC, 18648-PTB, 18648PTB, 18660-BUC, 18660-PTB, 18672-BUC, 18672-PTB, 18691-BUC, 18691-PTB, 18699-BUC, 18699-PTB, 18699BUC, 18699PTB, 18SC39R, 537-CR, 537-CRR, 6151, CTB8146-NB, CTB8160-NB, CTB8175-NB, F13BC44, F13BC56, F13BC72, F15MC48D, F15MC48N, F15MC72D, F15MC72N, F15MR48D, F15MR48N, F15MR72D, F15MR72N, F15PC48D, F15PC48N, F15PC72D, F15PC72N, F15PR48D, F15PR48N, F15PR72D, F15PR72N, F15SC48D, F15SC48N, F15SC72D, F15SC72N, F15SR48D, F15SR48N, F15SR72D, F15SR72N, F17C110, F17C52, F17C60, F17C68, F17C78, F17C87, F17C95, F17FC60, F17FC76, F17FC84, F17FC94, F18DC52, F18DC60, F18DC68, F18DC72, F18DC82, F18DC91, F18DC99, F18MC39A, F18MC39D, F18MC52A, F18MC52D, F18MC52E, F18MC60A, F18MC60D, F18MC60E, F18RC48R, F18RC52, F18RC60, F18RC68, F18RC72, F18RC82, F18RC91, F18SR31A, F18SR44A, F18SR44B, F18SR44C, F18SR52A, F18SR52B, F18SR52C, F18SR52D, F18WC39, F18WC47, F18WC52, F18WC60, F18WC68, F18WC78, F18WC87, F18WC95, F2660, F2694, F29110, F29110C, F2952, F2952C, F2956, F2956C, F2962, F2962C, F2975, F2975C, F2978, F2978C, F2980, F2980C, F2987, F2987C, F2996, F2996C, F2999, F2999C, F5MC48D, F5MC48N, F5MC72D, F5MC72N, F5MR48D, F5MR48N, F5MR72D, F5MR72N, F5PC48D, F5PC48N, F5PC72D, F5PC72N, F5PR48D, F5PR72D, F5SC48D, F5SC48N, F5SC72D, F5SC72N, F5SR48D, F5SR48N, F5SR72D, F5SR72N, KCF-36, KCF-50, KCF-60, KCFT-36, KCFT-50, KCFT-60, KCFT-74, KCFT-96, KCM-36, KCM-50, KCM-60, KCM-74, KCSC-36B, KCSC-50B, KCSC-60B, KCSC-74B, N8131-FA, N8144-FA, N8157-FA, N8169-FA, N8182-FA, SCF-36, SCF-74, SCFT-36, SCFT-50, SCFT-60, SCFT-74, SCM-36, SCM-50, SCM-60, SCM-74, SCSC-36, SCSC-50, SCSC-60, SCSC-74, SCSC-96
  • Pressure Control for Delfield - Part# 2193927
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