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Contactor for Scotsman - Part# 12-2469-02

Contactor for Scotsman - Part# 12-2469-02

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  • Contactor for Scotsman - Part# 12-2469-02
  • Fits Scotsman Models: C0322, C0330, C0522, C0530, C0530MR-1A, C0630, C0630MA-32A, C0830, C1030, C1448, C1448SR-32A, C1848, C2148, CM1000, CM1400, CM1400R, CM650, CM855, CME1000A, CME1002R, CME1002W, CME1202, CME1202R, CME1402, CME1402R, CME650, CME650R, CME855A, CME865R, CME865W, CMS1002R, CMS1002W, CMS1402, CMS1402R, CO522MA-32A, CO530MA, CU1526, CU2026, CU3030, F0522, F0822, F1522, FM1200, FM1202R, FM1500, FM1500R, FM2400, FM2400R, FM2402, FM2402R, FM800, FM800R, FME1200, FME1200R, FME1204, FME1204R, FME1500, FME1500R, FME1504R, FME2400, FME2400R, FME2404, FME2404R, FME800, FME804, MC35, MDT3, MDT4, MDT5N25, MDT5N40, MF6C, MF900, MF900RC, N Series, N0422, N0622, N0922, N1322, NDE550, NDE554, NDE650, NDE654, NM1250, NM1250R, NM1850, NM1850R, NM1852, NM1852R, NM650, NM952, NME1250, NME1250R, NME1254, NME1254R, NME1254WS-32A, NME1850, NME1850R, NME1854, NME1854R, NME650, NME950, NME950R, NME954, NME954R, NME954WS-32B, SCE170, Scotsman, TDE550, TDE650
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