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Signal Light 1/2

Signal Light 1/2" Amber 250V for Garland - Part# G01296-2

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  • Signal Light 1/2" Amber 250V for Garland - Part# G01296-2
  • Fits Garland Models: 36ER32, 36ER32-3, 36ER33-88, 36ER36, 36ER38, 36ES1, 36ES11, 36ES11-BL, 36ES11-SF, 36ES11-SFBL, 36ES21, 36ES32, 36ES32-3, 36ES33-88, 36ES36, 36ES38, 36ET32, 36ET32-3, 36ET33-88, 36ET36, 36ET38, 680-31F, 680-31FBL, 680-31SF, 680-31SFBL, 684, 684RC, 686RC, CBO-ED-11, CBO-ES-11, CPO-ED-12H, CPO-ED-22, CPO-ED-22H, CPO-ED-24H, CPO-ES-12H, E-22-14F, E-22-18G, E20-SP, E20-SPC, E22-18G, E22-18SG, E22-22P, E22-22PP, E22-24G, E22-28FT, E22-36-36GMX, E22-36-45GM, E22-36-45GMX, E22-36-48GM, E22-36-48GMX, E22-36-56GM, E22-36-56GMX, E22-36-60GM, E22-36-60GMX, E22-36-68GM, E22-36-68GMX, E22-36-72GM, E22-36-72GMX, E22-36G, E24-24G, E24-31F, E24-31SF, E24-36G, E24-48G, E24-60G, E24-72G, E684, E686, ECO-E-10, ECO-E-25, EGG-36G, HW1000, HW1000D, HW1300, HW1300D, ICO-E-10, ICO-E-25, MCO-ES-10-S, MCO-ES-ED-10, MCO-GS-10ARBY, MCO-GS-20ARBY, MCO-GS/GD-10, SS684, SS686, SU684, SU686
  • Product Info: Signal Light, 250V ( Fits Hole 1/2" ) (10" Leads ), (Color Amber) ( Type Hat Flat )( Bezel Chrome), ( Fastener Lock Tabs), Flat on Side, C. Creaters Pop Corn Machine, Cecilware Fryer El, Elt, Cleveland Skillet SEL-T, SEM-T, SGL-T, SGM-T, EMBER-GLO Steamer Series: FS. Keating Griddle, Market Forge Steamer, Nieco Broiler Series: 100, 200, 300, 500, 600, 800, 900. Seco Warmer Secotainer/Thermotainer Units, Wells Broiler B40, B44, B50, B446, B506. Waffle Baker L11, L12, L22, LD, LS, WB1, WB2. Warmer H006 (MC), HD10, HD106, HW10, HW106D, SMP, SS-8, SS-10, SS-206, SW10, TMP, TMP3.
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