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Signal Light 1/2

Signal Light 1/2
Signal Light 1/2

Signal Light 1/2" Red 125V for Hatco - Part# 02. 19. 154

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  • Signal Light 1/2" Red 125V for Hatco - Part# 02. 19. 154
  • Fits Hatco Models: C-12, C-13, C-15, C-17, C-18, C-24, C-27, C-30, C-39, C-4, C-45, C-5, C-54, C-58, C-6, C-7, C-9, FDW-1, FDW-1X, FDW-2, FDW-2X, FSD-1, FSD-1X, FSD-2, FSD-2X, FSDT-1, FSDT-1X, FSDT-2, FSDT-2X, GR, GR-30, GR-B, GRA, GRA-30, GRA-36D3, GRACL-42D, GRACL-54D, GRAH, GRAH-18, GRAH-30, GRAH-42, GRAH-60, GRAH-60D3, GRAHL, GRAHL-36, GRAL, GRAL-24D3, GRAL-36, GRAL-36D3, GRAL-72D3, GRCD-1P, GRCD-1PD, GRCD-2P, GRCD-2PD, GRCD-3P, GRCD-3PD, GRCDH-1P, GRCDH-1PD, GRCDH-2P, GRCDH-2PD, GRCDH-3P, GRCDH-3PD, GRH, GRH-30, GRHD-2P, GRHD-2PD, GRHD-3P, GRHD-3PD, GRHD-4P, GRHD-4PD, GRHDH-2P, GRHDH-2PD, GRHDH-3P, GRHDH-3PD, GRHDH-4P, GRHDH-4PD, GRHL-36, GRL-36, GRMW-3, GRMW-4, GRMW-5, MC-10, MC-11, S-12, S-13, S-15, S-17, S-18, S-24, S-27, S-30, S-36, S-39, S-40, S-45, S-54, S-57, S-58, S-6, S-9
  • Product Info: Signal Light, 125 V ( Fits Hole 1/2" ) (3/16" Tabs ) (Color Red), ( Type Hat Flat )( Bezel Black) ( Fastener Lock Tabs),,Flat on Side, Hatco Food Warmers GRCW-1, Series: FDW, FS, FSHC, FST, GRHD, Nemco Hot Dog Grill, ROLL-A-GRIL (Connelly)
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