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Fan Blade 5 1/2

Fan Blade 5 1/2", CCW for Randell - Part# RF-Fan005

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  • Fan Blade 5 1/2", CCW for Randell - Part# RF-Fan005
  • Product Info: Evaporator Fan Blade, 5-1/2" CCW Blade, 3/16 Hole, 5 Blades, Clear, for Fan Motor # 681168, Delfield 186114-BUC, 186114-PTB, 18648-BUC, 18648-PTB, 18648PTB, 18660-BUC, 18660-PTB, 18672-BUC, 18672-PTB, 18691-BUC, 18691-PTB, 18699-BUC, 18699-PTB, 18699BUC, 18699PTB, 225L, 227L, 402, 403, 4048-ST, 4048-UC, 406, 406CP, 407, 4148-ST, 4148-UC, 4460N, 4464N, 4472N, 4560N, 6025XL-G, 6025XL-GH, 6025XL-GHR, 6025XL-GR, 6025XL-S, 6025XL-SH, 6025XL-SHR, 6025XL-SR, 6125XL-S, 6125XL-SH, 6125XL-SHR, 6125XL-SR, 7048-M, 7048-P, 7048-S, CTB8146-NB, CTB8160-NB, CTB8175-NB, D4460N, D4464N, D4472N, D4532N, F15MC48D, F15MC48N, F15MC72D, F15MC72N, F15MR48D, F15MR48N, F15MR72D, F15MR72N, F15PC48D, F15PC48N, F15PC72D, F15PC72N, F15PR48D, F15PR48N, F15PR72D, F15PR72N, F15SC48D, F15SC48N,
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