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Fuse Holder for APW - Part# 85602

Fuse Holder for APW - Part# 85602
Fuse Holder for APW - Part# 85602

Fuse Holder for APW - Part# 85602

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  • Fuse Holder for APW - Part# 85602
  • Fits APW Models: BT-15, FDB-18, FDB-24, FDB-30, FDB-36, FDB-42, FDB-48, FDB-54, FDB-60, FDB-66, FDB-72, FDDB18, FDDB24, FDDB30, FDDB36, FDDB42, FDDB48, FDDB54, FDDB60, FDDB66, FDDB72, FDDLB-18, FDDLB-24, FDDLB-30, FDDLB-36, FDDLB-42, FDDLB-48, FDDLB-54, FDDLB-60, FDDLB-66, FDDLB-72, FDLB-18, FDLB-24, FDLB-30, FDLB-36, FDLB-42, FDLB-48, FDLB-54, FDLB-60, FDLB-66, FDLB-72
  • Product Info: Fuse Holder, 13/32" X 1-5/16" Fuses Fit in This Holder. Accepts SC 1/2 to SC 15 Fuses. 250V, 15 Amp, 1/4" Tabs, American Permanent Ware Toaster BT-15, M-78, Blodgett Oven MT2136E, MT2136G, MT3255, MT3855G, MT3870. Cecilware Coffee BC-1 (7/92 and Before). Series: Awb, BC (After 7/92), CH, CL, CRS, FD, Fe, GB, Ins, K-GB. Fryer Efp (30, 40, 65), Efs (30, 40, 65). Cleveland Skillet T7ES. Steamer: 21-CET-8, 21-CET-16, CET-5, 2-1-79 to 8-1-82. Cres-Cor Warmer CXO-4935, HT-20, HT-2040. Groen Boiler Series: NGB. Braising Pan: NFPC, TD/FPC. Kettle Series: Ae, Dee, Ee, TDB. Steamer Series: TF. Henny Penny and Keating Fryers, Vulcan Grill Duplex Cooker Series: Edc (Platen Only), GDC, RTSG. Oven Eco (4, 6) C
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