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Knob 2-5/16 D, Pointer for Star - Part# 2R-Z0934

Knob 2-5/16 D, Pointer for Star - Part# 2R-Z0934

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  • Knob 2-5/16 D, Pointer for Star - Part# 2R-Z0934
  • Fits Star Models: 6015CBA, 6015CBB-LP, 6015CBC, 6015CBD, 6015CBZ, 6015CBZ-LP, 601SPR, 601SPRD, 601SPRD-LP, 6024CBA, 6024CBB-LP, 6024CBC, 6024CBD, 6024CBZ, 6024CBZ-LP, 6036CBA, 6036CBB-LP, 6036CBC, 6036CBD, 6036CBZ, 6036CBZ-LP, 6048CBA, 6048CBB-LP, 6048CBC, 6048CBD, 6048CBZ, 6048CBZ-LP, 6115RCBB, 6115RCBB-LP, 6115RCBC, 6115RCBD, 6115RCBZ, 6115RCBZ-LP, 6124RCBB, 6124RCBB-LP, 6124RCBC, 6124RCBD, 6124RCBZ, 6124RCBZ-LP, 6136RCBB, 6136RCBB-LP, 6136RCBC, 6136RCBD, 6136RCBZ, 6136RCBZ-LP, 6148RCBB, 6148RCBB-LP, 6148RCBC, 6148RCBD, 6148RCBZ, 6148RCBZ-LP, 615MA, 615MB, 615MD, 615TD, 624MA, 624MB, 624MD, 624MD-LP, 624TD, 636MA, 636MB, 636MD, 636MD-LP, 636TD, 648MA, 648MB, 648MD, 648MD-LP, 648TD
  • Product Info: Black Indicator Knob "Star", ( 2-5/16" Dia ) ( Pointer Down ), (Mount. 24 Flat Down), 2-5/8" Handle, Star, Broiler 6015 (CB, Cba), 6024 (C, Cba), 3036 (C, Cba), 6048 (C, Cba), 6115 (RCB, Rcba), 6124 (RCB, Rcba), 6136 (RCB, Rcba), 6148 (RCB, Rcba). Grill 615 (M, Ma), 624 (M, Ma), 636 (M, Ma, MB), 648 (M, Ma).
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