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Thermostat ATKA, 3/16 X 12, 42 for Star - Part# 2T-45917

Thermostat ATKA, 3/16 X 12, 42 for Star - Part# 2T-45917

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  • Thermostat Ka, 3/16 X 12, 42 for Star - Part# 2T-45917
  • Product Info: ( TYPE- Ka )( Temp LO-493 ) ( Bulb 3/16 X 12 ) ( Cap 42 ), ( Dial to Use A2641, # 221254 OFF-HI-8-1-LO ), Wells Warmer BMW-206RT, BMW-206RTD, BMW-206ST, BMW-206STD, BMW-206ULRT, BMW-206ULRTD, BMW-206ULRTD/AF, BMW-206ULST, BMW-206ULSTD, BMW-206ULSTD/AF, HT-200, HT-200AF, HT-227, HT-227AF, HT-300, HT-300AF, HT-327, HT-327AF, HT-400, HT-400AF, HT-427, HT-427AF, HT-500, HT-500AF, HT-527, HT-527AF, MOD-100, MOD-100T, MOD-100TD, MOD-100TD/AF, MOD-127, MOD-127TD/AF, MOD-200, MOD-200TDM, MOD-200TDM/AF, MOD-200TDMN/AF, MOD-227, MOD-227TDM/AF, MOD-300, MOD-300TDM/AF, MOD-300TDMN/AF, MOD-327, MOD-327TDM/AF, MOD-400, MOD-400TDM/AF, MOD-427, MOD-427TDM/AF, MOD-500, MOD-500TDM/AF, MOD-527, MOD-527TDM/AF, MOD-600, SS-10T, SS-10TD, SS-10ULT, SS-10ULTD, SS-206ET, SS-206ETD, SS-206T, SS-206TD, SS-206ULT, SS-206ULTD, SS-276ULT, SS-276ULTD,
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