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Pilot Valve 1/8 MPT X 1/4 CC for Star - Part# 2V-6671

Pilot Valve 1/8 MPT X 1/4 CC for Star - Part# 2V-6671

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  • Pilot Valve 1/8 MPT X 1/4 CC for Star - Part# 2V-6671
  • Fits Star Models: 6015CB, 6015CBA, 6015CBB-LP, 6015CBC, 6015CBD, 6015CBSB, 6015CBZ, 6015CBZ-LP, 601SPR, 601SPRD, 601SPRD-LP, 602, 6024CB, 6024CBA, 6024CBB-LP, 6024CBC, 6024CBD, 6024CBSB, 6024CBZ, 6024CBZ-LP, 602H, 6036CB, 6036CBA, 6036CBB-LP, 6036CBC, 6036CBD, 6036CBSB, 6036CBZ, 6036CBZ-LP, 6048CBA, 6048CBB-LP, 6048CBC, 6048CBD, 6048CBZ, 6048CBZ-LP, 6115RCB, 6115RCBB, 6115RCBB-LP, 6115RCBC, 6115RCBD, 6115RCBZ, 6115RCBZ-LP, 6124RCB, 6124RCBB, 6124RCBB-LP, 6124RCBC, 6124RCBD, 6124RCBZ, 6124RCBZ-LP, 6136RCB, 6136RCBB, 6136RCBB-LP, 6136RCBC, 6136RCBD, 6136RCBZ, 6136RCBZ-LP, 6148RCBB, 6148RCBB-LP, 6148RCBC, 6148RCBD, 6148RCBZ, 6148RCBZ-LP, 615M, 615MA, 615MB, 615T, 615TA, 615TZ, 624M, 624MA, 624MB, 624MD, 624T, 624TA, 624TA-LP, 624TB-LP, 624TD, 624TZ, 624TZ-LP, 636M, 636MA, 636MB, 636MD, 636T, 636TA, 636TA-LP, 636TD, 636TZ, 636TZ-LP, 648M, 648MA, 648MB, 648MD, 648T, 648TA, 648TB-LP, 648TD, 648TZ, 648TZ-LP, 8024CB, 802H-LP, 8036CB, 8048CB, 804H, 804H-LP, 8060CB, 806H, 806H-LP, 8072CB, 808H, 808H-LP, 8124RCB, 8136RCB, 8148RCB, 8160RCB, 8172RCB, 824TS, 824TS-LP, 824TSCHS, 824TSCHS-LP, 836TS, 836TS-LP, 836TSCHS, 836TSCHS-LP, 848TS, 848TS-LP, 848TSCHS, 848TSCHS-LP, 860TS, 860TS-LP, 860TSCHS, 860TSCHS-LP, 872TS, 872TS-LP, 872TSCHS, 872TSCHS-LP
  • Product Info: Pilot Adjustment Valve( 1/8" MPT X 1/4" CCT ), Angle - 90), ( Comes With 90 Deg Adjustable, American Permanent Ware, Broiler GCB, GCRB, Griddle GGM, GGT, Garland Most Models, Jade, Grill Series: JGGT, JGM, JGT. Hotplate Series: JHP, Jhpe. Range Series: JSP, JSR, JTRH. Vulcan, Broiler 100L-77R, Salamanders. Oven Series: 7000, 7800, GH, GHM, GHX.
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