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California-based BevLes is the world leader in proofers, cabinets and racks from commercial kitchens. Founded in 1946 with the goal of providing durable cabinets to bakers, BevLes soon expanded to serve other market segments. Today, they manufacture proofers, heated holding cabinets, roast and hold ovens, and cabinets for transport and storage of food. BevLes produces both full and half-sized models of many of its devices. More than 20,000 of their cabinets are in use in bakeries, restaurants, hospitals, schools and large institutions around the world. The firm’s innovations include paddle style latches and magnetic door gaskets. BevLes is a member of the Standex Cooking Solutions Group. Popular Models: CS82-CH8, CS36-CH3, CA43-CV13, CA43-CVMP7, CA70-CV16, CA70-CV16HW, CA70-CV32, CA70-CV32HW, CA70-CVMP12
  1. Axial Fan. for Bevles - Part# 784682

    Axial Fan. for Bevles - Part# 784682

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