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Blodgett KCH-60DS Parts

Blodgett embarked on the path to become one of the greatest manufacturers of ovens in 1848, when Gardner Blodgett built an oven for a local Vermont tavern owner. In the following two and a half centuries, the company's convection ovens, hydrovection ovens, combi ovens, rack ovens, deck ovens, and steamers serve admirably to cook meals all over the world in restaurants, fast-food franchises, institutions, hospitals, and hotels. Despite its status in the industry, Blodgett remains devoted to Vermont and is still headquartered there. With Blodgett equipment, you will never be in doubt as to its capability, durability, and quality. Popular Models: ZEPHAIRE G, ZEPHAIRE-200-G, ZEPHAIRE G PLUS, CTB, CTB WENDYS, CTBR-AP, CTBR WENDYS, CTBR POPEYES, CTBR
  1. Brass Fitting 3/8 T X 3/8 M. for Blodgett - Part# 40431
  2. Directional Valve for Blodgett - Part# 40652
  3. St. Elbow 3/4 for Blodgett - Part# 41791
  4. Steam Hose ( 1 1/4 X 6 Lg) for Blodgett - Part# 40528
  5. Steam Trap for Blodgett - Part# 40615
  6. Strainer for Funnel for Blodgett - Part# 41903