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Duke Manufacturing, a commercial kitchen supplier with factories in St. Louis and Sedalia, Missouri, features innovative products designed to improve energy efficiency, sustainability, and food safety. Duke was founded in 1925 to produce the first waterless hot wells. Today the company has over 20 product lines and 4500 unique SKUs. Duke’s products reduce waste, decrease preparation times, and are easy to clean. Current lines include broilers, steam tables, convection ovens. Duke’s produce washing systems are designed to be superior to hand-washing but take a fraction of the time, and include accessories like slicers, spinners, and drain boards. Popular Models: ADI1E, ASI5E, ASI4E, ASI3E, ASI2E, ASI1E, ADI5E, ADI4E, ADI3E
  1. Hinge Base for Duke - Part# TA-2

    Hinge Base for Duke - Part# TA-2

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