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Garland UIRCM36C Parts

In 1864, a Detroit, Michigan company produced the first Garland stove. By 1893, Garland stoves were considered the height of cooking innovation and were featured at the World’s Fair in Chicago, Illinois. Today, the company, based in Mississauga, Ontario, honors its 150-year heritage by producing high-quality stoves for commercial kitchens. Garland produces a complete line of cooking equipment, including ranges, broilers, griddles, grills, induction cookers and counter-top cookers. Many of its ranges feature flexible work surfaces that can serve as either a griddle or a boiler. Garland’s products are energy efficient, durable, and easy to use. Their reliable controls ensure well-cooked food while their designs save energy and money. Popular Models: M48-51T, M4S, M48T, M48S, M48RC, M48R, M48-68T, M48-68S, M48-68RC
  1. 1/4 X 36In Flex Tubing for Garland - Part# 4526120
  2. Body Side Filler Ss for Garland - Part# 1377002
  3. Crumb Tray 31In for Garland - Part# 1376401
  4. Heat Shield Bottom for Garland - Part# 4526037
  5. Heat Shield Cheese Wall Mnt for Garland - Part# 4526088
  6. Heat Shield Front for Garland - Part# 4526038
  7. Src Orifice 56 Size for Garland - Part# M7-56
  8. Wall Mnt Brkt Lt Cheese for Garland - Part# 4526087
  9. Wall Mnt Brkt Rt Cheese for Garland - Part# 4526086