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Henny Penny LVG-202 Parts

Sometimes the best ideas are born out of necessity, and this was definitely the case for Henny Penny and Chester Wagner, who developed a more efficient fryer to meet increasing demand for fried chiecken at his restaurant, Whispering Oaks. Over 50 years later the company manufactures fryers, holding cabinets, combi-ovens, rotisseries, and heated merchandisers that can be found in restaurants around the globe, indicating just how reliable and efficient their equipment is. Compounding their eye for quality is a sense of stewardship, as 44 of their products have Energy Star ratings and they are members of the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers. Popular Models: PFE-500, 500, 600, PFG-600, PFG-561, PFG-500, PFE-561, PFE-600, OFE-322
  1. Assy-Mcd Lov Selector Aif for Henny Penny - Part# 85698
  2. Assy-Panel Ctrl Arm Lve/G 20X for Henny Penny - Part# 97319