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Keating was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1931, and came into its own when Richard Keating filed a patent in 1956 for the narrow-range thermostat. The fact that many customers have been using their models for over 30 years should serve as sufficient testimony to the power, durable design, and functional capacity of their fryers and griddles. Keating's patented, energy-saving burners used in Energy Star-rated fryers make financial sense for all restaurant owners, and the Safe & Easy Filter system reduces down-time and increases unit volume, making them desireable in high-volume operations. Is it any wonder, then, that Keating prides themselves on "serving those who serve the very best?" Popular Models: 14IFM, 18 & 20 IFM, CF14, MIRACLEAN GAS GRIDDLE 2000, MIRACLEAN GAS GRIDDLE PRE-2000 SERIES, CF24, CF20, CF18, 2000 SERIES GAS PASTA COOKER
  1. Pipe Nipple 3/8X10 Cf With Cli for Keating - Part# 16163

    Pipe Nipple 3/8X10 Cf With Cli for Keating - Part# 16163

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