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Pitco SELV14 Parts

Founded in 1918 by J.C. Pitman specifically to bring a reliable piece of kitchen machinery for frying to market, Pitco has risen to become an industry leader in manufacturing and designing fryers. Their innovation is quite evident in their current line of fryers, which feature Energy Star ratings for their efficiency as well as reduced oil volume models that drastically reduce the amount of fryer oil needed to cook your product. Pitco's equipment is proven, time-tested, durable, and cost-saving in its operation, making them a welcome addition to any commercial kitchen no matter the size. Popular Models: SGM24, SG18DI, SG18, SG14TDI, SG14T, SG14RDI, SG14R, SG14DI, SG14
  1. Accs,Jib Cap Std #35 Jib Slv for Pitco - Part# A5074701
  2. Accs,Jib Hs Wght Slv for Pitco - Part# A5074801
  3. Cord - Jumper for Pitco - Part# 60128501

    Cord - Jumper for Pitco - Part# 60128501

    Regular Price: $56.00

    Special Price: $32.29

    See Wholesale Price $56.00 Save 1%
  4. Fltr,Drn Line Tu Sg14T/Sg14T for Pitco - Part# A7022411
  5. Fltr,Hose 44.75 Slv Jib for Pitco - Part# A6653512
  6. Sw,Hi Limit Lch 37030 for Pitco - Part# P5047216

    Sw,Hi Limit Lch 37030 for Pitco - Part# P5047216

    Regular Price: $258.00

    Special Price $105.03 Save 59%

    See Wholesale Price $258.00 Save 59%