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Beginning life as a manufacturer of bulk milk dispensers in 1950, Silver King has become a major manufacturer of food service cooling solutions in its cutting-edge 130,000 sq ft facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its product mix contains over 100 models, including refrigerators, freezers, prep tables, display cases and merchandisers, salad prep systems, fountainettes, milk dispensers, and chef bases. Choose Silver King for functional, reliable, and cost-effective equipment to keep your culinary creations comfortably cool! Popular Models: SKF27, SKF27BD, SKF27D, SKF27B, SKMCD1P, SK2SB, SKF27G/CFRL, SKF27GB/CFRL, SKUCF7F
  1. Complete Drawer Assy for Silver King - Part# 37822

    Complete Drawer Assy for Silver King - Part# 37822

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    Silver King
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