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Star 5136CD-230V Parts

Star Manufacturing is synonymous with concessions; go to a sporting event in the U.S., and you will find hot dogs and popcorn prepared by Star machines and food displayed and warmed in the same. Beginning in 1921, Star has dedicated themselves to producing reliable, efficient machines to prepare and hold food. Since that time they have come to hold subsidary groups such as Lang, Wells, Bloomfield, and Toastmaster. Their product line includes two-sided grills, popcorn poppers, HeatWave heating and holding cabinets, humidified merchandising cabinets, hot dog grillers and steamers, broilers, electric griddles, hot plates, and more. With Star equipment, you can be sure that all your cooking and heating solutions are being fulfilled by a company dedicated to durability and quality. Popular Models: RCS-2-500, RCS-3-950, RCS-3-1300, RCS-3-1000, RCS-2-600, QCS-2-300H, CG10, CG14, GR10
  1. Star Rod Prop. Elec. Charbrlr for Toastmaster - Part# 2A-Z6121
  2. Screw 8-32X1 1/4 Rhp Stl for Star - Part# 2C-H1559
  3. Wire Kit, 36 Elec. Char. for Star - Part# 2E-Z6114
  4. Terminal Block 5 Pos #4 for Star - Part# 2E-Z9565
  5. Grate-Casting for Star - Part# 2F-Y3107
  6. Support With Bushing for Star - Part# 2F-Z6858
  7. Gasket Garlock 3300 for Star - Part# 2I-7370
  8. Graphic Panel-5136Rcbd for Star - Part# 2M-Z6040
  9. Elmnt-Bent, 240V @ 165Ow for Star - Part# 2N-Y3083
  10. Elmnt-Straight,240V@165Ow for Star - Part# 2N-Y3085
  11. Star Spring 11/321Dx7/8Lg#18 for Toastmaster - Part# 2P-7969
  12. Knob Inf. Control for Star - Part# 2R-Z3436
  13. Front Panel 536/5136 for Star - Part# G3-Z5921
  14. Drawer Slide for Star - Part# G3-Z6036
  15. Rear Panel for Star - Part# H1-Z6056
  16. Baffle Frame Rear for Star - Part# H1-Z6085
  17. Baffle for Star - Part# H1-Z6086
  18. Element Housing for Star - Part# H1-Z6116
  19. Element Housing Cover for Star - Part# H1-Z6118
  20. Element Clamp for Star - Part# H1-Z6120
  21. Prop Rod Bracket for Star - Part# H1-Z6122
  22. Front Baffle Frame for Star - Part# H1-Z6533
  23. Supply Connection Box for Star - Part# H1-Z9842
  24. Connection Box Cover for Star - Part# H1-Z9843
  25. Liner Assembly for Star - Part# H3-613600
  26. Grease Drawer for Star - Part# H3-Z6483