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Founded in 1947 by George Theisen and Carl Spatt, T & S Brass has become a world-class manufacturer of faucets, fittings, and specialty products for the food service industry, among others. It is through creativity and innovation that the company has proven they belong an industry leader, as evidenced in their development of the first pre-rinse unit and food-pedal valve, both of which are standards within the industry. Their product range encompasses sensor faucets, manual faucets, glass fillers, appliance connectors, waste valves, laboratory products, and more. T & S has also assumed responsibility for conforming their products to environmentally-conscious standards, and remains the only company that manufactures pre-rinse spray valves endoresed by the Green Restaurant Association. Popular Models: B-0133, B-0113, B-0107, B-0230, B-0221-KK, B-0830, B-0266, B-1100, B-1100-LN,
  1. B-0580 18 Double-Joint Nozzle for T&S Brass - Part# 002848-40

    B-0580 18 Double-Joint Nozzle for T&S Brass - Part# 002848-40

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    T&S Brass
  2. B-0580 Black Handle, Heat Resi for T&S Brass - Part# 001126-20
  3. B-0580 Seat Washer (035A) for T&S Brass - Part# 001089-45
  4. Bdy B- 580 Spt for T&S Brass - Part# 000587-25
  5. Handle Set Screw for T&S Brass - Part# 000936-45
  6. Pot Filler, Wall Mount, Single for T&S Brass - Part# B-0592-CR
  7. Spt B- 580 for T&S Brass - Part# 001498-25