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Vita-Mix Drink Machine 2-Speed Parts

Vita-Mix began in 1921 as William Grover Barnard began travelling the country selling kitchen products.  Barnard, upon exposure to the blender in 1937, understood the capabilities of the machine to promulgate quick, healthy meals, and began selling it.  His family have made refinements to their blenders over the years, and the result is a machine that is monolithic in the industry.  Popular models include the VITA-PREP 3, VITA-PRO, and QUIET ONE series of in-counter blenders. Popular Models: VITA-PREP 3, VITA-PRO, VITA-PREP, QUIET ONE 100V IN-COUNTER, QUIET ONE 220-240V ON-COUNTER, QUIET ONE 200-240V IN-COUNTER, QUIET ONE 120V IN-COUNTER, QUIET ONE 120V ON-COUNTER, QUIET ONE 100V ON-COUNTER
  1. 48 Oz Lid Ther/Rubber for Vita-Mix - Part# 15507
  2. Cord Retainer Clip & Screw for Vita-Mix - Part# 793
  3. Lid Plug for Vita-Mix - Part# 1159

    Lid Plug for Vita-Mix - Part# 1159

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  4. Power Cord Strain Relief for Vita-Mix - Part# 15743