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Industrial and Safety

Running a business is demanding work, and there will always be something you can't control. Minor disasters in the food supply chain, wild weather and local events that disrupt your business can be headaches.

You can control the quality of product you buy and use in your kitchen, though — and that can make all the difference in the hectic day-to-day work of your business. Our industrial equipment supplies keep busy kitchens manageable and safe, whether you're making hamburger patties or hors-d'oeuvres.

If food prep equipment breaks down, it's far easier and cheaper to quickly swap out a component than it is to replace the whole machine. We carry a full line of replacement parts so that you can get your kitchen back to full capacity again. Even the little parts, like knobs and knife guards, are crucial to staying safe and clear of any health code violations. Our sealants and silicon adhesives are durable to help restore the efficiency of your industrial supplies.

Your bottom line is also affected by the quality of equipment in your kitchen. Reliable cutting equipment is a key part of minimizing product waste, fulfilling customer orders quickly and avoiding workplace accidents. Investing wisely in your cutting equipment is a critical step in the path to success — and we're here to help you get there.

For all types of businesses, reliable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment are a must-have. Maximize employee and customer comfort by relying on us for high-quality parts and equipment.

  1.  Pro


    Intertape Polymer Group
  2. "Watch Your Hands" Drivers Gloves, Large, Beige/Hi-Vis Orange/Brown - MCR Safety 3413HVIL
  3. "Watch Your Hands" Drivers Gloves, Medium, Beige/Hi-Vis Orange/Green - MCR Safety 3413HVIM
  4. "Watch Your Hands" Drivers Gloves, Small, Beige/Hi-Vis Orange/Red - MCR Safety 3213HVIS
  5. "Watch Your Hands" Drivers Gloves, Small, Beige/Hi-Vis Orange/Red - MCR Safety 3413HVIS
  6. "Watch Your Hands" Drivers Gloves, X-Large, Beige/Hi-Vis Orange/Blue - MCR Safety 3413HVIXL
  7. "Watch Your Hands" Drivers Gloves, Xx-Large, Beige/Hi-Vis Orange/Yellow - MCR Safety 3213hvixxl
  8. # 1 3/4" Capacity Wire Rope Cutter - Morse Starrett 101
  9. # 1A 1-1/16" Capacity Wire Rope Cutter - Morse Starrett 121
  10. # 2 1-1/2" Capacity Wirerope Cutter - Morse Starrett 131
  11. # 3 Ferruled Handled File - Apex Tool Group 21503N
  12. #0000 Steel Wool 16Pa Sleeve, 12Sl/Ca - Global Material Technology 117000
  13. #0X4" Screw Holdingscrewdriver - Greenlee 0453-16C
  14. #1 7# Can#00207, 4Can/Ctn - Lubriplate L0002-007
  15. #1 1Gal Bottle Greaseless Lubricant, 4Gal/Cs - LPS 01128
  16. #1 Greaseless Lubricantpail, 5Gal/Pal - LPS 00105
  17. #1 Mechanical Seal Units, 1EA - Bsm Pump 713-9010-270
  18. #1 Phil 10" Screwdriver - Apex Tool Group X1010
  19. #1 Phillips 6In - Apex Tool Group X108

    #1 Phillips 6In - Apex Tool Group X108

    Apex Tool Group
  20. #1 Phillips Round Shank - Klein Tools 603-3B
  21. #1 Phillips Screwdriver - 4" Blade - Stanley Products ST-PH1-4
  22. #1 Phillips Screwdriver; Profilated Phillips-Tip Cushion-Grip Screwdriver, #1 - Klein Tools 603-3
  23. #1 Pump Packing 2 Per Set - BSM Pump 466-3161-4
  24. #1 Square Recess Insert Bit 1" Oal 2 Pc. - Newell Rubbermaid 3512032C
  25. #1 Square Recess Insert Bit 1" Oal 2 Pc. - Newell Rubbermaid 3512232C
  26. #1 Tapmatic Gold Tapping& Cutting Fluid, 4Gal/Cs - LPS 40330
  27. #1 Titanium Putty - Devcon 10760
  28. #1/0 Bright Zinc Lock Link 74020 Chain Trimm, 100Ft/Ctn - Acco Chain 2503-21001
  29. #1/Bk Inco Double Loop Chain, 100Ft/Ctn - Cooper Hand Tools Campbell 0750124
  30. #1/Bk Straight Link Machine Chain, 100Ft/Ctn - Cooper Hand Tools Campbell 0310124