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Industrial Blades & Knives

Your business depends on quality, precision industrial blades and knives to get the job done. Unfortunately for business owners, blades and knives dull over time and periodically require sharpening or replacement.

Not all blades can be manually re-sharpened, and this can slow down or halt your business until a replacement is obtained. Luckily, we make this easy for you by offering a wide range of replacement blades. The appropriate blade for your equipment is only a few clicks away.

Our catalog of industrial blades and knives covers almost any need. We also carry everything from ice scrapers to pelletizers to auto glass repair blades, including assorted styles and sizes of Tungsten Carbide blades. A factory warranty backs our products, so your investment is protected.

We carry blades for MultiVac, a leading brand of packaging equipment. As companies seek to create innovative packaging that keeps costs down and improves customer satisfaction, your MultiVac equipment is a crucial part of your business.

Don't let worn blades slow down your assembly line and cause defective packaging to be delivered to your customers. Our affordable replacement blades ship quickly and are easy to install.

If you're unsure of which blade is right for your equipment, contact us and we'll help you out. If you make a mistake or are unsatisfied with your product, remember we have a 30-day return policy so you can shop with confidence.

  1. HB-015005C #23 Hobby Blade 5/card
  2. HB-015005C #23 Hobby Blade 5/card
  3.  584/585/590/1620 Cumberland Rotor Blade - 456-C00584
  4. 43.10GC Carbon 250/Box
  5. # 18 Model Cumberland Rotor Blade - 456-C1800
  6. # 20 Model Bed Cumberland Blade - 457-C199802
  7. # 30 Model Bed Cumberland Blade - 457-C0030
  8. # 30 Model Cumberland Rotor Hooked Blade - 456-C30hook
  9. # 43 Model Bed Cumberland Blade - 457-C217503
  10. HB-015001 #11 Hobby Blade 1,000/box
  11. HB-015001SS #11 Hobby Blade 1,000/box
  12. HB-015001/100 #11 Hobby Blade 100/box
  13. HB-015001C #11 Hobby Blade 60/box
  14. #18 Model Bed Cumberland Blade - 457-C1800
  15. #20 Model Cumberland Rotor Blade - 456-C199802
  16. HB-015001C #11 Hobby Blade 60/box
  17. HB-015005C #23 Hobby Blade 5/card
  18. Wolf® #27 Style Circular Textile Slitter
  19. 470-030000500 Coretech #707
  20. SE-015001 .009 Carbon 100/box
  21. SE-015004 .012 Carbon 100/box
  22. SL-022503 .015 Carbon 100/Box
  23. SL-022502 .017 Carbon 100/Box
  24. Gala® Compatible 0.320 Inch Pelletizing Knife – ASP2053
  25. Gala® Compatible 0.320 Inch Pelletizing Knife – CPM15V
  26. Gala® Compatible 0.320 Inch Pelletizing Knife – M2
  27. Gala® Compatible 0.320 Inch Stepped Pelletizing Knife – ASP2053
  28. Gala® Compatible 0.320 Inch Stepped Pelletizing Knife – ASP2053
  29. Gala® Compatible 0.650 Inch Pelletizing Knife – D2
  30. Gala® Compatible 0.650 Inch Pelletizing Knife – M2