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1 Set Genuine Oliver Bread Slicer Blades - Set of 32

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Genuine OEM Oliver Bread Slicer Replacement Blades. Fits All Oliver Bread Slicer Machine Models 709, 711, 732, 732-R, 732-N, 777, 777-N, 777-NT, 797, 26-A, 28-A, 42-A, 727G, 737G, 797, 937, Type A Standard.

Oliver Bread Slicer Blades from SharpTekSupply.com from SharpTekSupply.com on Vimeo.

Fits Oliver Bread Slicer Machine Models:

709, 711, 732,
732R, 732N, 777, 777-N, 777-NT, 797, 26-A, 28-A, 42-A, 727G, 737G, 797, 937, Type A Standard and Newer.

  • Length: 10-1/4"
  • Width: 3/8"

Oliver Bread Slicer Blade Changing Instructions:

Old Oliver Bread Slicer Blade Removal

1. Place the tool’s large opening onto
the blade tensioning pin.

2. Relieve the tension of the blade by
pushing on the other end of tool.

3. Snap all of the blades off this way.

New Oliver Bread Slicer Blade Installation

1. Place blade onto tensioning pin only, making
sure the sharp side of the blade is facing the
same as the old blade.

2. Insert tool in small opening over the blade tensioning
pin. The tool will hold the blade on the
blade tensioning pin.

3. Apply force forward on the tool, against the
blade tensioning pin, until the other end of the
blade lines up.

4. Place other end of blade onto the stationary
blade pin, making sure that it is flat against
the pin.

Service Note: Be sure to safely dispose of
old blades once they are changed.

New Blade Installation Check

1. After installation is complete, gently tap
each blade on the non-sharpened side
to insure that each blade is installed

SKU R303-0797-0029-1
Weight 2.0000
UPC 84118501237
MFR # 0797-0029-1
Manufacturer Oliver
Brand Oliver
Length 12
Width 4
Height 4
NSF Certified Yes

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