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In 1954, BKI introduced the first commercial rotating oven. Today, the internationally-known firm produces a wide range of cooking, heating, holding and merchandising appliances for restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores and institutional customers. BKI’s products include fryers, hot cases, rotisseries, ovens, and ventless hood systems. The company is based in Simpsonville, SC and is a member of the Standex Cooking Solutions Group. Corporate leaders strive to anticipate the needs of commercial kitchens and to develop products that make it easier for BKI’s customers to serve their customers. BKI succeeds through its emphasis on innovation, customer service, and high quality construction. Popular Models: FKM, FKM-FC, FKM-F, TSW, TCW, WDC, SSW, CSW, BLF-FC
  1. 240 Volt Bulb for BKI - Part# AB6424900S
  2. Access Plate, Plenum Over T Sw for BKI - Part# FB56205602
  3. Activator Rod, Fill Lpf-F #48 for BKI - Part# LPFFA092
  4. Adapter, Direct Vent Flue for BKI - Part# WASCA003
  5. Afs 3/8 Quick Seal for BKI - Part# FE0007
  6. Air Deflector, Dr for BKI - Part# FA95129702
  7. Appliance Lamp, 40W 120Vptfe Coated for Bki - Part# B0066

    Appliance Lamp, 40W 120Vptfe Coated for Bki - Part# B0066

    Regular Price: $7.50

    Special Price: $4.19

    See Wholesale Price $7.50 Save 1%
  8. Appliance Stop Fh-28 for BKI - Part# FB37144203
  9. Arm Adjustable Stop /Fkm for BKI - Part# A0101
  10. Arm Assy, Lpf for BKI - Part# AB86203700
  11. Arm Complete Fkm, Lgf for BKI - Part# A0120
  12. Assembly Retrofit Kit T-Stat for BKI - Part# AN3800710S
  13. Assembly, Arm Fkm, Lgf for BKI - Part# AB19103900
  14. Assembly, Baffle Box, Fkm, Lpf for BKI - Part# AN19102800
  15. Assembly, Base Drain Vgh for BKI - Part# AB37500400
  16. Assembly, Base Drain, Vgh5 for BKI - Part# AB37510400
  17. Assembly, Base Hc72, Hc36 for BKI - Part# AB57008000
  18. Assembly, Base Plate Vgg16 for BKI - Part# AB55129700
  19. Assembly, Base Plate, Vgh5 for BKI - Part# AB37510500
  20. Assembly, Base Plate, Vgh8 for BKI - Part# AB37504100
  21. Assembly, Base, W/Casters, Co for BKI - Part# AN30102600
  22. Assembly, Base.W/4 Casters Hc3 for BKI - Part# AB57028800
  23. Assembly, Blower Exhaust, Vgh for BKI - Part# AB37504400
  24. Assembly, Blower Heater, Fw for BKI - Part# AN3127380S
  25. Assembly, Blower, 230V, Hc for BKI - Part# AB57022500
  26. Assembly, Blower, Msr Stacked for BKI - Part# AN10510400
  27. Assembly, Bracket Filter Inter for BKI - Part# AB37500600
  28. Assembly, Cabinet Door, Fh for BKI - Part# AB37108900
  29. Assembly, Cabinet, Rs for BKI - Part# AN37134900
  30. Assembly, Complete Oil Vat, Bl for BKI - Part# AN16010200