Master-Bilt Parts

From its origins in a St. Louis garage to its status as an internationally known company today, Masterbilt has spent more than 75 years perfecting refrigeration equipment for the food service industry. In 1938, the company invented a milk can cooler for dairy farms. Today, Masterbilt carries a diverse range of refrigerated cabinets, ice cream dippers, open air merchandizers, reach-in refrigerators, and walk in coolers and freezers. Masterbilt prides itself on its solidly build, innovative product lines. In addition to its refrigeration units, the company has introduced a line of electronic controller systems which allow users to save energy while keeping food products at safe temperatures. Popular Models: BLG-48HD, TLG-80HD, BLG-52HD, TLG-52HD, BLG-27HD, BLG-74HD, TLG-48HD, TLG-27HD, TLG-74HD
  1. Collar Gasket for Master-Bilt - Part# 37-00516
  2. Knob, White Plastic for Master-Bilt - Part# 45-01286
  3. Lid Asy

    Lid Asy., (DD-66 Re for Master-Bilt - Part# A060-145A0

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