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Nemco 6480-18-B Parts

A Hicksville, Ohio company, Nemco came to be in 1976 through the efforts of Ed Neidhardt, his brother Gene, and father Earl. The local demand for a machine to cut potatoes into curly shapes prompted them to release their first machine, the Spiral Fry, in 1981. Today, Nemco has developed over 75 products, including vegetable slicers, infrared food warmers, toasters, waffle and cone bakers, condiment stations, food waste disposers, hot dog equipment, merchandisers, and countertop oven and boiling units. Their mission is guided by the Golden Rule of "do unto others," and the high efficiency, convenience, and durability of their products stands witness to its continuing presence in their products. Popular Models: 55600-1, 55600-4, 55600-3, 55600-2, 56750-1, 56750-4, 56750-3, 56750-2, 6055A
  1. Divider 18 Merch for Nemco - Part# 68726-18
  2. Divider Rod for Nemco - Part# 68727
  3. Element 200W 120V for Nemco - Part# 47678
  4. Element Guard for Nemco - Part# 47679
  5. Foil Heater 150W 120V for Nemco - Part# 47677-18
  6. Knob Thermostat 3/4 Dia for Nemco - Part# 48060
  7. Thermostat B200 for Nemco - Part# 45764

    Thermostat B200 for Nemco - Part# 45764

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